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Leading Research

Rochal Industries is a private research company that develops new materials for wound and burn care. The company has extensive experience in the creation, development, and manufacture of products pertaining to:


  •   antimicrobial materials for reduction of opportunistic                     pathogens and biofilms
  •   cell compatible substrates

Answering Clinical Challenges

  •   wound re-epithelialization and closure  
  •   necrotic tissue
  •   scar reduction

Researching Evolving Fields

  •   regenerative medicine
  •   transdermal drug delivery

Commercializing Innovation

Rochal and its collaborators have extensive scientific, technical and clinical expertise in biomedical materials primarily related to the wound care and eye care industries. Rochal applies creative strategies in product design and function through to commercialization, while retaining its core competency in biological and chemical interactions.  Rochal’s approach extends from preclinical and clinical development through product validation and lifecycle management.

Driven By Clinical Need

Diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, and venous ulcers are major health concerns, with roughly 2 % of the general population of the U.S. affected. Healing these wounds is critical to increasing the likelihood that the patient can recover from the underlying conditions  while decreasing the risk of local and systemic infection, reducing risk of amputation, and improving overall quality of life.

Leading Research

Inovation:  Concept to Commercialization